Thursday, May 16, 2013

Now Out!

Psypitch - Audial Terrorismus
Album Genre: Raw Drone, Live Harsh Noise, National Socialism
Released: 5/16/2013
Runtime: 40:34
Label: Drowning Noise Records
*I noticed the previous link was to The Precursor I apologize*

Intro Fur Die Mainstream Tauben Köpfe!
Dubshit's sad world anthem
Die Deutschen Artillerie - Fur sie
Die Amerikanisch 'Kultur' STERBEN!
Liberal Anarchismus ist ein Witz!
Jüdischen Akzeptanz-Der Rückgang
Audial Terrorism
Entführt, Gebunden, Gedeckt

Bonus track -
 Racially provoked attack

Created in the fall of realism, the rise of stupidity, acceptual tolerance, and problems of the 21 century.
Live Harsh Noise demo released on Drowning Noise Records. The second Public release on this project. Copies are available contact me and I can get you a quality album copy. Tracks are being added here and there on sites like youtube, soundcloud, etc.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psypitch is now connected with Drowning Noise Records, 
Not all future releases will be distributed on it however, 
Namely Demo albums, Pertaining to live recorded sets: Pure Drone/Glitch/Noise
If you want to purchase an album in the future just get in contact with them

Drone, Noise/Raw, Glitch, Dark Ambient, BM/NSBM, Terror/Hatecore, 
Power Electronics, Experimental, Avante Garde

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The first full length Dark Ambient/Drone/Noise demo is out. This is currently the V1.0 version, with quite a bit of change on the way with the project coming very soon.
Download it now for free:

A sample can be found here:

Released: 5/5/2013
Run Time: 43:57

I    The Precursors                -  9:11
II    Drone Support                  -  15:00
III    Mothership Death Camp    -  6:40
IV    The New Breed               -  5:17
V    Warnung-Gefahr           -  7:49

Sunday, February 3, 2013